Association Info

Association Information

This page is used for information that the Board of Directors wants to get out to the owners.  Please check this page often so you will be kept up to date on the things that are happening at the Northcrest HOA.

The normal schedule for the Board meeting is the 4th Thursday of the month.  The Board meets at the 1st Baptist Church of Carrollton in one of the meeting rooms on the south end of the building.

Current Board of Directors (terms expire at the Annual Meeting or when their replacement is elected)

President – Kevin Kasper on Embassy Way (expires 2019)

Vice President – Marilyn Duckworth on Clubridge (expires 2020)

Secretary – Judy Thurman on Embassy Way (expires 2020)

Treasurer – Roberta DeHart on Clubridge (expires 2019)

Member at Large – Geraldine Augustyn on Clubview (expires 2019)


Approved Budgets by Year

 2013 NC budget      2014 budget     2015 budget     2016 budget     2017 budget       2018 budget


Annual Audits by Year

Annual Audit 2010     Annual Audit 2012     Annual Audit 2013     .Annual Audit 2014     Annual Audit 2015     Audit 2016


Foundation List

Northcrest Foundation list